We Need Your Feedback!

We’re embarking on a new research and development venture to create tools that will revolutionize vocal exercises for our users. Embracing the principle of ‘use it or lose it,’ we recognize the complexities involved and are committed to understanding your needs better. That’s why we’re launching a comprehensive survey to gather insights directly from you. Your experiences and feedback will be instrumental in shaping the innovative solutions we’re crafting to make vocal exercises more effective and engaging. Please join us in this pivotal project and have a say in the future of vocal health and wellness. 

We have two versions of this survey, one for the person living with Parkinson’s (the care recipient) and one for their caregiver (if applicable). If there is a caregiver involved, we ask that both of the forms are filled out. As this will give us a better indication of needs and challenges for everyone involved. Please click on the appropriate link below to take the survey.