We’re excited to introduce A Future Manifest Corp. (AFM), a newly minted benefit corporation in Arizona. Inspired by the firsthand experience of the myriad challenges that accompany life with Parkinson’s disease, our company is driven by the conviction that technology can and should be harnessed to enhance daily living, foster independence, and improve overall well-being. AFM is all about developing forward-thinking solutions that promise not only to support individuals with health challenges but also to offer tangible benefits to their families. 

Putting People Before Profits – We chose to form a Benefit Corporation instead of a typical company structure because we believe that technology should be used to improve the human condition and promote unity by fostering community, collaboration and positive productive interactions. The power of technology is immeasurable. But the right path isn’t always the easy path, and just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Being a Benefit Corporation ensures that A Future Manifest will always adhere to this belief that profits should not be measured in dollars alone.

As we embark on this new path, our mission is clear: innovate with purpose, focusing on creating impactful products that address real-world problems. 

Stay tuned for what’s next as we embark on this journey to develop insightful and engaging individual wellness tools infused with a sense of play.